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Our area is the international professional soccer with the regional main focus on Germany, Brazil and England. In all countries, we have as a licensed players' agent wide experience and excellent contacts to clubs in the national top leagues.

Outstanding playing football is a prerequisite for a successful career, but do not always make the best players the biggest careers. We know exactly what it takes and take care of all the relevant details.

We support our clients wíth the following services:

Sporting career counseling
Sustainable planning for the maximum success, precise definition of each step taking into account all relevant factors and pro-active club search.

Professional personality development
Beside active coaching in the rhetorical use and behavior with key individuals such as players, coaches, executives and media, we are also developing important things like charisma, mental strength and confidence of the player and how to deal with pressure situations and fear of failure.

Early preparation for the post-career
Through our core competency as Executive Consultants we look together at an early stage with the player intense to his time after retirement.

Every player has access to our entire international resource network at BoaVista Executive Consultants at any time.








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Philipp Wujewitsch

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BoaVista Consulting supports exceptional young talents in the top division in close cooperation with their parents in school, professional education, athletic career and personal development.